Introductory Paragliding Lesson


An introductory paragliding lesson gets you off the ground and into the air on your very first day!

Introductory lessons take place at the Point of the Mountain flight park during the first 4 hours of of the day while the air is the most consistently smooth and predictable. The entire cost of the lesson may be applied towards a P2 certification with Salt Lake Paragliding.

The lesson begins with basic paragliding concepts, fitting you for paragliding equipment, and safety procedures including an instructor always on a radio with you. Next, you will learn how to inflate and launch your glider by running across flat ground with your wing flying above you. Once you internalize your inflation technique, you will practice running inflations down a small hill. You will feel your wing start to lift you up and bear some of your weight. This will make it easier for you to run and practice steering your wing so that it stays positioned directly over your head. By the end of your lesson, you will progress to taking short flights down the hill with about 50 ft of altitude.

P2 Certification Program

$2250 with gear purchase through Salt Lake Paragliding
($3250 without gear purchase)

Becoming a safe and confident paraglider pilot is an exciting and fulfilling journey.

A P2 paragliding rating allows paraglider pilots to fly at beginner sites by themselves. Our P2 certification program is taught at the Point of the Mountain in Utah, widely recognized as one of the best and most consistent flying sites in the world.

The minimum requirements for P2 certification through the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) are 35 flights, 7 flying days, and 8 hours of ground school. Most pilots desire much more time and practice than these minimums to feel fully prepared and comfortable flying on their own.

Our P2 certification program teaches everything necessary to become a proficient and safe pilot at your own pace.

  • Unlimited flights, with a minimum of 100 flights, under instructor supervision and radio communication. Your first flights are the most difficult and risky, so I will support you through them with as much time, practice, and guidance as you need.
  • Ground school classes about paragliding theory, weather and meteorology, aerodynamics, airflow over terrain, flight safety and emergency procedures, risk management, and pilot judgement and mental attitude. Our classes are hands-on including classroom whiteboard discussions and time in the field to practice techniques.
  • As many lessons as it takes for you to feel that you have become a safe, confident, and independent pilot. We will work together until you develop good personal judgement and become an autonomous pilot.
  • Help with selecting and acquiring the best paragliding equipment for your long-term goals. Once you have your gear, we will get you comfortable using and flying with it so that you can make a smooth transition to solo flying.
  • Continued instructor support throughout your flying career. After your P2 lessons, I will help you progress through P3 and P4 certifications at no additional cost.

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