Explore the sky

Paragliding is an exhilarating and peaceful way to experience free flight. A simple wing made of nylon fabric and string allows you to launch gently by foot. Once airborne, you can soar through buoyant air and explore breathtaking terrain from above - mountains, ridges, oceans! Some days you can climb all the way to the clouds and appreciate the world below from an extraordinary perspective.

Become a well-rounded pilot

The sport of paragliding encompasses many fascinating subjects: flying technique and ground skills, understanding weather and meteorology, aerodynamics and how the atmosphere interacts with terrain, and risk management.

During your lessons, we will build a foundation of knowledge for you to draw from when making pilot decisions. Your flight skills will be complemented by an excellent understanding and appreciation that will make you a confident pilot.

Learn from a safe instructor

It's crucial to learn to fly under the care of a safe and supportive instructor. Your wellbeing and enjoyment are my highest priority during your lessons. My students get as much time, practice, and guidance as they need through their most difficult first 100 flights. Once you develop good personal judgement and become an independent pilot, I will continue to help you progress through further levels of certification.


Introductory Paragliding Lesson

Get off the ground and into the air on your first day!

P2 Certification Program

Become a certified paraglider pilot who can fly independently at beginner paragliding sites.

We'd love to hear from you!

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